Nice and simple: if you haven't voted, you should. Vote for whoever, but no matter what, vote.

Here's how I voted. On the off chance you see the game through kind of the same lens as me, you might find "why" marginally useful information.

  1. Mike Azariah (incumbent). I'm not a high-sec carebear, but I respect people who work hard on things they commit to. Mike was an edge-case winner last year and, this year, he's been endorsed by literally every CSM incumbent who worked with him during the year. "Workhorse." "Well-spoken." "Great rapport with CCP." The only incumbent who gets more glowing recommendations is...
  2. Ali Aras (incumbent). The only reason Mike is listed as 1 and Ali is listed as two is that I don't want Mike to get my vote only if Ali didn't need it. (I don't think Ali will need all the votes she'll get, by the way - but just in case...)  With that said, if you want to see Ali get one of the Top Two positions that guarantee she goes to Iceland every time there's a summit, and so move her to your #1 position, I can totally see your point. She's great, she's done good work, and she's exactly the sort of person I hope will lead the new CSM.
  3. Sugar Kyle. I see Sugar as the ultimate embodiment of lowsec. She does pirate pvp, market stuff, POS stuff, manufacturing, research, and even has an alt in Faction Warfare. Lowsec needs a good rep on the CSM, and I think Sugar's it.
  4. Gorski Car. Despite being in PL, Gorski actually seems to play eve about like me (solo, small gang, with a mix of low- and null-sec flying), and sees most of the main issues the same way.
  5. Steve Ronuken. This year (and maybe last year) the CSM needs a good CREST third-party developer as a member, and Steve's the best one on the docket.
  6. Mangala Solaris (incumbent). I like Mang. I like what he does for the game. I like the platform he's working from this year (more tools for casual-friendly content creators), and I think he's gotten steadily better at being a CSM and communicating with the wider player base over the year. I want to see him keep that going, though I very much doubt he'll need my vote, since he's got RvB behind him.
  7. Jayne Fillon. The only thing better than having a casual-friendly content creator on the CSM is having two on the CSM, and that's what Jayne is.
  8. DNSBlack. The guy has a real commitment to the game AND to keeping CCP honest about favoritism and its own policies. He's real-world qualifications in this arena are top-notch, and I think he'll pull the CSM and CCP up by main force if he can get on the CSM.
  9. James Arget (incumbent). Fiiiiiine, wormholers: you can have a guy on the CSM, but it has to be someone who actually gets involved and cares about more than his weird corner of the univer-- oh. James? Yeah. James is perfect for that. Good call.
  10. DJFunkyBacon. I've recently come to the not-so-shocking realization a Faction Warfare candidate is not really a 'lowsec' candidate. That said, what this guy lacks in all-around lowsec knowledge I think he'll make up for in good community communication, which will be even more important.
  11. Xander Phoena. I don't care for his style of play, but I like his focus on communication. With Jester stepping down, I think he can be the next 'guy talking from inside the system.' We'll see.
  12. Matias Otero. This guy doesn't need my help. If my vote goes unused THIS far down, it's going to fall all the way to #14 anyway, so who cares? Call it a bit of moral support for a guy who, if elected, will take a big flag over to Iceland that says "REMEMBER THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN."
  13. mynnna (incumbent). Also will not need my vote. At all. Whatever. He's fucking smart as hell and does good work, and I needed a #13.
  14. Psychotic Monk. Yes, if everyone else on my list is either totally in or so far out I can't help them, then fine, throw vote at the guy who represents high-sec ganking people. Sure. At least he's not the minerbumping idiot.

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