Frozen (corpse)

(With apologies to  Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.)

Do you want to fly a spaceship?
Come on, undock, let's go!
We're gonna do a roam again
Come on login
It's time to go explode!

We used to shoot red crosses
But now we're not
And I'm going to show you why!

Do you want to fly a spaceship?
You don't have to sit in station...
Let's go fly...

Do you want to fly a spaceship?
Or gank some carebears in nullsec?
I think some kind of pew is overdue
I'm looking forward to
The next high sec wardec!

Right now I'm roaming Placid
But these empty skies
Guess I'll go check Black Rise...
(warp-jump warp-jump warp-jump warp-jump)

Come on guys, I know you're in there
(Ninth faction warfare plex today)
They say you're not real soldiers
I'd hoped you'd be bolder.
Why not engage?

There's no one else in Local
It's just you and me
What are you gonna do?

Don't you want to fight a spaceship?

Okay, bye...

Shopping this image took three times longer than coming up with the lyrics.

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