Credit Where It's Due

Subject: Thank you
From: Ty Delaney
Sent: 2014.01.27 03:30
To: Miura Bull

You may not be able to tell, but this kill is all thanks to you.

Kill: Captain Sparro (Claw)

I've learned a lot by studying the ships you fly, how you fit them, and what you take them against. I'm not sure if this firetail is exactly the same as one you flew in the past (I usually change something, because I'm stupid), but the fitting in EFT is saved simply as "Miura" - let's at least assume you inspired it.

Anyway, thanks. I don't always have time or the luck for 1v1s these days - this fight pretty much made my day.
I'm sure if Miura ever gets the chance, he'll try to kill me (I'd be profoundly disappointed otherwise), but that doesn't mean I can't say thanks for providing some great inspiration.

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