Roaming Redemption Road

Had a gap in the residency schedule, so decided not to do the smart thing (take a nap) in favor of the dumb-but-fun thing (go on a Redemption Roam with Mangala as FC).

I don't often go on Ganked or Ganked-related roams, because I generally prefer solo and very small gangs, but that doesn't mean I won't go if it's the most easily accessible fun to be had - they're a good group of guys, and I'm a long ways from home, getting online via my lovely but not-exactly-gaming-grade Macbook Air, so a roam with a few extra pilots around to attract enemy fire appealed to me.

It played out very well. Granted, my lag+slower machine meant I missed out on (quite) a few fights (sixty pilots in frigates means a lot of stuff dies before you can lock it), but I contributed meaningfully to most of the fights I got in on. I was particularly proud of chasing down and getting a critical scram/web combo on a Omen Navy Issue in my little DCU-tanked brawling Taranis. That fight left me trailing flames out the back of my ship for the rest of the roam (hello structure damage), but it was *totally* worth it.

And, for a final laugh, I stumbled back to my seat during a break and fumbled my mic back on to say "Why did I just hear my name?"

It seems Greygal and been randomly awarding some prize ships donated to Redemption Road. My number had come up for the final prize ship of the day.

A Thanatos carrier.

I think I'll call it the SS WTF.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with the thing. Both I and my carrier alt can fly it (Ty only technically - he's not really capable) but...

Well, I dunno. We'll see. Maybe I'll blow it up at the RvB Ganked 100th roam celebration.

Seems only fitting.
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