Ending the Month with a Bang

... actually sort of a series of explosions.

Mine, unfortunately.

I really need to stop diving into "1v1" fights with Amamake pirates running link alts.

Actually, I'm not going to complain (much): I was actually involved in more kills this month than in any previous time playing Eve. 154 might not seem like much to some folks, it's pretty fine for me.

I participated in a number of fleets this month, which certainly accounts for the high total (in 67% of the fights, I was flying an interceptor of some kind), but at the same time I did manage to get some solo and small gang stuff in (30 kills either solo or with a group of 6 or fewer pilots/NPCs involved).

Actually, things on this front were wildly erratic - I was generally either in fleets of 20 or more... or solo. :P I really need to find some pilots to fly with on weeknights.

The pirate thing is more and more appealing.
I wonder how many pilots went pirate simply to have more people to shoot at?

I flew at least fifteen different hulls (pretty sure a couple Maledictions never showed up because they died before tasting blood), and while the ratio is WILDLY skewed toward interceptors, I still got more than one kill in ten other types of ships.

The only ship that I lost more of than I killed? Electronic Attack Ships! (This is exciting because it means Interceptors have been kicked out of this coveted position for the first time in well over a year. I'm bad at something new!)

Things to do In March
I think I'm going to spend some time stalking explorers. That seems like it could be very amusing.

In addition, I think I'll spend some time flying with Spectre Fleet, and some of the players I knew from back in the wormhole are logging back in and talking Incursions, which I can easily participate in with my carrier/logi alt.

Mostly, though, I'm just going to try to get more small fights and go down guns blazing. Those kinds of fights haven't been going my way that last few days, but I've got 25 slashers ready to sacrifice their bodies for the cause.
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