The Bear Joke

So: this guy.

I'm talking to that tristan pilot, here. Gakz. I'm talking you.

Listen, I get it: you're a farmer. Yes. You're just there to get your LP and get paid. I accept that. I'm still going to try to kill you (because you're a farmer, and because you're Amarr), but I get it. Faction War Loyalty Points are good money. Even if you're on the losing side of the war, stuck at Tier 1, running one (five minute) level 4 mission will earn you ten times the LP (again, in 5 minutes) that a normal high-sec level 4 mission will earn you (in 1 to 2 hours of shooting red crosses), and you can do it in a cheapo bomber instead of a quarter billion isk battleship (or more). Even if the high-sec stuff could be done in five minutes, it's still one-tenth the payout, right? Right.

Hell, even at Tier 1, capturing a novice complex in a terribly equipped frigate (like the one you were flying, for example) will net you roughly 4 to 5 times as much LP as a level 4 high-sec mission, for ten minutes sitting around, one NPC frigate to kill, and the risk of getting shot at and losing a ship you could pay for with the ISK you find under the cushions of your space-couch.

I totally understand the desire to earn some LP.

I (conceptually, at least) understand the desire to avoid combat while earning said LP. Guys like you are everywhere in the war zones.

I do not understand the thing where you stupidly, stupidly go back to the same complex, over and over, convinced that I'll eventually give up trying to catch you. You're clearly a risk-averse individual; why stick around when you can just jump to some other system and do the same thing over there? Why get attached to that one complex?

I mean...

I tried for you in the firetail, and you warped off after I pointed you, just to show me that you had warp stabilizers on.

I flew several systems, reshipped to an astero, came back, and you were still there.

I got decloaked on the beacon, still managed to get a scram... and you warped off.

I find you again, in the same complex, after fitting TWO scrams. You see me (a cloaky class of ship) on d-scan, and suddenly I'm gone... and you just... sit there. And sit there.

Until I'm on top of you, and you die.

Good idea with the neut and finally putting drones on me, but come on. If you're so into running away, leave.

Or at least get your pod out.

Stuff like this happens, I start to wonder.

"You're not here for the hunting, are you, Frank?"
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