How many times we gotta shock you, Monkey?

I sincerely believe the Eve playerbase has gotten more welcoming to new players in the last few years - more helpful, more supportive.

But that doesn't mean it's not still Eve - and it doesn't mean you get to be stupid and not pay a price.

This story - about a new player who spends 44 billion isk (1300 bucks, and I mean real money this time, since he just paid for the whole thing with PLEX) just leaves my mouth hanging open. Especially page two.

The page where, after losing the ship to gankers, he buys/builds the whole $1300 thing AGAIN, puts another 400 bucks worth of PLEX in the cargo hold, and hands it off to an in-game stranger (sorry: a Goonswarm 'recruiter') to 'transport safely.'

Some people simply aren't meant to play Eve. Pity it cost this guy three thousand bucks to figure it out.

But... seriously?

It cost this guy THREE THOUSAND BUCKS to figure it out.

Time for the Jesus facepalm.

Remember, kids: Mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating.

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