Want to join an alliance. Want to shoot oranges all day. What do?

Some of you may know that I'm active in Faction Warfare. At the same time, there's a great group of folks who've formed up an alliance of like-minded goods, and I'd like to join the picnic.

The problem: I can't join that alliance and stay in Faction Warfare - either I leave FW, or drag the whole alliance into it (which is a non-starter for about a hundred reasons).

Allow me to illustrate my conflict by listing off the reasons I dig the FW environment:
  1. Basically instant-on action. Most of the folks I've flown with in the past, while awesome, are pretty inactive right now, because of [insert new hotness game here, or children], so the fact that I can login, undock, and roam around lowsec without backup is appealing. I might not find anything or I might get dunked, but realistically I can make something happen most nights.
  2. I make money to fund my PvP. In general, PvP doesn't pay the bills. FW is the exception. Minmatar is getting stomped right now, but even at Tier 1 warzone control, I still make twice the LP per mission as an average highsec mission runner (and my mission takes 10 minutes, including travel time... and I can chain four or five of them).
  3. I love interceptors, but... I like flying lots of different ships, but flying in Null (sort of the only other place I can live with regular PvP options and no POS tower), I feel like I always need to be in an interceptor to keep from getting creamed if I stop paying attention for ten seconds (or my kids try to eat a bug) and I forget to use a tac and end up in a bubble.
  4. I like not going flashy just to get a fight (and being a highsec wardeccer makes me throw up in my mouth a little). Yes, I could stay right where I live right now, drop Faction Warfare, and keep hunting other pilots, but (a) I'll be flashy red in a few days time and (b) I'd lose the best income option I have, and will need to replace that with... I dunno. Exploration on my scanner-alt or something.

So, basically what I have right now is a situation where I can log in, grab a fast ship, and either make bank or start hunting within a couple minutes, without needing to become a filthy criminal in the process.

I would like to join this alliance (which is forming for reasons/activities that don't address my day to day play), but I'm honestly not sure what I would *do* once I leave FW - what would adequately provide the same options.


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